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9.07.2010 | Portfolio, Profile

Rhys Chong – Bio

Rhys was never going to be a person who followed the crowd because from an early age he felt called to ‘care for people’ and knew he wanted to be a physiotherapist by the age of 12 years. During his adolescent years he took all the steps necessary to make this vision and calling happen.

Head, Heart and Hands are a Gift
Rhys knew his hands and methodology for processing information lent itself well to being a physiotherapist as well as a lifestyle coach. Rhys enjoys making his patients feel great and is passionate about them being successful in life. He considers his compassionate heart, keen intellect and strong hands are a gift.

Personal Experience of Dis-ability
Rhys has a unique perspective when it comes to plying his trade because of personal experience. During an 18 month spell of sciatica Rhys experienced first hand the debilitating power of pain, discovering how it has the power to effect a person both physically and emotionally.

Because of this experience Rhys has developed a compassionate and empathetic approach to communicating with his patients. He strikes a perfect balance between patient relationship and physical care. Rhys takes the time to understand his patients needs, and this enables him to deliver a level of care that feels highly personalized and tailored to individuals motivations, goals and life style.

The Purposeful Practitioner
As a practitioner Rhys is very adaptable, dependable, loyal and practical. Rhys has a particularly personal and engaging style in his practice of physiotherapy, always making the patient an integral part of their rehabilitation. His patients know him to be diligent, thorough, results driven when it comes to their treatments and planning their rehabilitation. He is without a doubt, a purposeful practitioner when it comes to the health and wellbeing of his patients.

Physical Pain stops people from Living Fully
Rhys views the body as a metaphor for the way we embrace life. He has come to believe that physical tension is a good indicator of tension in other areas of life. By releasing tension and pain from the physical body, Rhys’ experience has shown him time and time again that patients are better able to deal with stress in other areas of their life.

Because of this belief, Rhys empowers his patients by taking the time to explain the nature of injury in such a way that the lay person can understand what is happening within them. By providing a basic understanding of their anatomy and bio-mechanics, he ensures his patients play a far more active role in their own rehabilitation and managing daily stress. He is committed to his patients experiencing health and well being physically, emotionally and mentally.

Giving People the Physical Edge in Life
Rhys has worked in the UK Physiotherapy industry for the last 18 years, having arrived from New Zealand in 1999. The fact that success has followed Rhys throughout his career, both in the UK and New Zealand, is no coincidence – he has achieved this by ensuring he always remains ‘ahead of the game’ through diligent research and regular updating of his knowledge and skills in neurophysiology, physiotherapy techniques and exercise regimes for different personality types.

Rhys spent 5 years working within a prominent and highly successful Physiotherapy practice in London. In his time with this practice, he quickly established himself as a key senior member, eventually working as both a hands on Physiotherapist and as Practice Manager. Rhys was an instrumental figure in the accelerated growth and success the Physiotherapy practice achieved.

Physical Edge is committed to providing physiotherapy services that alleviate pain within the body from sports injuries, operations or other causes. It is also highly committed to assisting patients in their own personal growth and development towards health and well being, thereby giving them the physical edge in life.

Dr Kate Ginn – Secretary, Author and Lecturer



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