Ironman(noun): a male athlete of remarkable endurance or durablity

An Ironman Triathlon is one of the most challenging and physically demanding events in sport today. It requires the competitor to complete a 3.8km swim, a 180km bike and a full 42km marathon to finish.

Physical Edge has an established team of professionals, who are specialised in helping men and woman complete their first Ironman race. There are many facets of training required to complete an Ironman, but with the help of various coaches and medical professionals, the journey to the start line and crossing that finish line can be enjoyable, a learning experience and highly successful.

Rhys Chong, Physiotherapist at Physical Edge, completed the Switzerland Ironman and has written a book to describe what it is like to train for this incredible race, whilst working full time and maintaining a busy social calender. You can read his book about the Highs and Lows of his one year of training, and understand the euphoria he experienced when crossing the finish line.

If you are thinking of your next Physical challenge, which is beyond your wildest dreams, think about an Ironman. You can raise money for charity and push yourself mentally and physically beyond your imaginable limits. You can do this safely and enjoyably with a highly experienced support team. Read these Ironman pages for inspiration and call us if you have any questions. We are happy to meet you and have a friendly chat about Ironman at anytime. We love Ironman racing and would support you in anyway we can.


First Time Ironman

Buy Rhys Chong’s book for First Time Ironman athletes.

First time Ironman

“Far beyond simply a motivational tool for aspiring athletes, Rhys Chong’s incredibly inspiring book is essential reading for anyone daring to dream big and achieve their their highest ambitions. His themes are universal: overcoming self-doubt, the rewards of a strong work ethic and determination, and the exhilaration of meeting a challenge head on. There are facets of Rhys’ experience and wisdom that anyone can harness in order to reach his or her true potential – an exceptionally rewarding read.”

– Robert Foy, Architect




Ironman Support Team

Physical Edge has a team of experts able to help with training for an Ironman, nutrition and helping the body heal from injuries as the training program takes place. Each member of the team is friendly, focussed and dedicated to getting the best results for each Ironman athlete.


Rhys Chong – Sports and Spinal Physiotherapist


Rhys is a sports and spinal physiotherapist and has worked with elite sportsmen, businessmen and celebrities in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. He is passionate about sport and helping athletes get back to competition as fast as possible. He has treated many triathletes and always had a lifelong ambition to complete an Ironman.

Rhys completed the Switzerland Ironman in 12.55 hours. In his year long training he worked with a training coach, swimming specialist, bike mechanic, massage therapist, nutritionist and mind and inner game coach. Each member if his team played an integral part in his training and made it possible to complete the Ironman injury free.Rhys wants all his Ironman clients to have the same support he had from an experienced team of professionals. He has united key professionals and created the Physical Edge Ironman team. Every one of the team has been specially selected because of the passion and commitment shown for the ironman athletes they help. If you want to do an ironman and you are a man or woman in business, entrepreneur, or celebrity between the ages of 30 and 60 we are ready to help you. You can contact us at Physical Edge Ltd. Take on the challenge, become an Ironman and have a euphoric experience.


Francisco Campana Training CoachFran is passionate about health and fitness, Ironman Triathlete and Kick Boxer Francisco will test your determination and challenge you every time.
Fran is a level 3 REPS Personal Trainer and with more than ten years experience in the fitness industry, he has a wealth of knowledge. Always professional he will work you hard but you will learn to enjoy the pain…As army ex-special forces, a one-to-one with Francisco is about mental toughness, determination, motivation and communication between the client and the master!As an amateur Kick Boxer, Francisco trained and fought in Holland where he gained valuable experience which he hopes to pass onto you as a client. Also he has completed 11 Ironman triathlons which consist of a 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km run; this requires a lot of blood, sweat and tears! Francisco is a British Triathlon Federation qualified coach; he understands how to push your body to the limit and will help you to learn to do the same.Whether you are looking for kick boxing, endurance races or training towards a specific goal, every program is tailored to the needs of the individual. He will help you to visualise your goals and to achieve the results that you want.Are you ready to see Francisco, the tough motivator? Are you prepared to invest your time and commit to some hard work? Then what are you waiting for!



Emile Bitar Fitness Instructor and Swimming Specialist

Emile is a dual qualified fitness instructor and swimming specialist with experience in training Triathletes to English channel crossers.

After a busy career in the city Emile soon realised the importance of incorporating exercise into a weekly schedule and converted to fitness consultancy specialising in swim fitness.

His training focuses on unlocking the natural talent innate in every individual through tailored technique sessions supported by event specific fitness sets. Emile trains in health clubs across London and is a former London Triathlon swimming trainer seeing groups of up to 50 swimmers at a time. He competes regularly in ocean swimming events, triathlons, plays waterpolo, skis and has a level of energy that is infectious.


Lisa Mrie-Graham - Sports and Massage Therapist

Lisa believes in training for health, which can encompass anything from weight loss to building core stability, ultimately focusing towards creating a balanced, strengthened and often aesthetically improved physique. She likes to incorporate all elements of her background and training, including sports massage, pilates, strength, flexibility, posture and alignment. Lisa completed her MSc in Sports Therapy in 2015. Liaising with the various therapists of her clients over the past couple of years has highlighted the importance of correct rehabilitation and awareness of muscular skeletal imbalances in training.


Dr Cath Spencer Smith – Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctor

Cath is a Sports Medicine Doctor and has worked since 1995 with an extensive range of athletes, from Olympians and Paralympians to the novice triathlete. She was a Sports Physician at the 2012 Olympic Games, 2002 Commonwealth Games, and has worked with GB triathlon, rowing, track and field sports, marathon, endurance and outdoor adventure sports. She developed an MSc Programme at Bangor University, and is a keen lecturer. Cath is a ‘mere mortal’ marathon runner and long-distance triathlete, and is passionate about helping sports men and women of any ability to overcome injury, and return to the sport they love. No stranger to injury herself, she fully understands how physically and emotionally frustrating it can be for athletes.

Cath specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of all musculoskeletal problems, and has expertise in groin, hip, knee and ankle conditions, overuse injuries, and injuries affecting the shoulder and spine. Cath has ready access to imaging and treatment of all kinds, and when needed, can fast track referrals into surgical care. She has a particular interest in helping people recover after surgery, or those who have failed to recover despite previous treatment. She has a very functional and movement based approach, and believes that each triathlete should have personally tailored care, provided by a close-working team. Most of all, she believes sport should be something we can all enjoy.

Peter Cox – Clinical Nutritionist

Having worked in healthcare since the early 1980’s, I’ve been exposed to many ideas as well as different forms of medicine. As a founder of Prestige Health, Chief Physiologist to Barbican Healthcare and then BUPA Wellness I worked within conventional medical clinics developing and delivering lifestyle programmes to people attending health assessments. Since 2000 I’ve worked as a Clinical Nutritionist in private practice and in 2006 was appointed as Nuffield Health’s Head of Nutrition, with the responsibility for the development of nutrition related services. My new clinics see me working alongside some of the Capital’s leading clinicians to provide the best of integrative healthcare, and I’m preferred provider of nutritional services to Viavi Ltd.Fran Campa – Personal Trainer and Ironman Coach

Spencer Wilson – Personal Bike Fit

Spencer is lucky to combine his life long passion for cycling with his business in Kensington called Personal Bikefit.  Personal bikefit provides a complete range of services for triathletes and road cyclists  including bike fitting, coached wattbike sessions, pedalling analysis and cycling specific strength sessions in their private studio.

He is recognised as one of the leaders in this innovative area of cycling specific strength training  and his methods have been featured in several publications including Cyclist magazine and bikes etc.  Mobility and Stability are the key to Spencers programming.  So many riders focus purely on WATTS with poor form and even worse efficiency. An efficient rider is a FAST and COMFORTABLE rider.

Spencer’s life in cycling started at the age of 12 where he soon found he was a natural beating the seniors at the “local club 10″. He progressed to race successfully at National and International level as a schoolboy and junior riding for England and Division teams. These days he is still racing albeit not so fast but enjoys riding European sportives with clients(Majorca 312, L’etape du tour, Tour of Flanders etc) and enjoys pushing himself hard riding and racing regularly at the Olympic Velodrome. He’s still regularly races road criteriums through the season but now in the Veterans class ! But as long as he’s on two wheels he’s happy and has a huge enthusiasm and love for cycling.

“A correctly fitted bike is the most important factor in performace gains and increased riding enjoyment”



Fran Campa – Ironman Coach & Strength and Conditioning coach

Throughout the years the relationship has become more fluid in terms of client referrals between Rhys and myself when I had the pleasure to coach him personally to prepare his very first Ironman race back in 2010. He not only has treated my different injuries throughout my years of training but also helped me to understand better the human body and different physiotherapy techniques that I can apply to myself and clients alike.
In 2010 Rhys became director of Physical Edge Ltd with me as the head coach. We are a company aiming to prepare athletes for their first Ironman competition. We help to guide them throughout their journey focusing on both their physical and mental training.
I’ve never met a more prepared and skilful physiotherapist than Rhys Chong. He is always exploring different ways of treatment and the communication between him and me is clear and frequent so I am always up to date with our athletes needs.
Rhys Chong treatments and techniques are at the forefront of modern physiotherapy and the athletes always understand the procedures he is using.
With his help I am able to apply better exercise techniques and adapt the periodizated programmes depending upon of the evolution of the athlete.”


Diccon Driver – Copywriter, Ironman Finisher 
“I have been doing triathlons for three years now. While I have enjoyed the training, putting more physical strain on my body has resulted in injuries, which thanks to Rhys have been expertly managed. For the past 6 months I’ve been building my training towards the UK half Ironman in June. With only 6 weeks to go I started to get a stabbing glutial pain after only 30 mins of running.

I went to see Rhys and after a thorough examination he explained it was caused by my running style. He explained this in simple terms and then set about putting together a program to help me get fit again in time to race. Having followed the program of stretches and exercises I’m now injury free and ready (just in time) to race. What I like about Rhys is, unlike some Physios, you’re not just another patient. He takes time to understand your body and then tailors a treatment that’s perfect for you. Thanks (again).”

Completes UK Ironman 70.3.
“Thanks again for the work, leg, glutes were fine for the run. Did 6hrs 16 which put me in the top 30%. You got me in shape just in time, cheers Rhys.”


Matthew Jones – Ironman Finisher
“A big thank you for your help during my preparation for Ironman UK, I was aware at the time of entering the race that I would struggle to find enough training/recovery time, but I still felt that three Months of well planned training and a positive mindset would get me to the finish line within the cut off time.

After my first bike ride of just over one hour I became very doubtful as my left shoulder was creating severe discomfort after only thirty or so minutes on the bike, I could see the dream evaporating as I could not imagine being able to cycle 112 miles!

I still cannot believe how much you have helped me in just a few appointments, I think that the fact that you were training for Ironman Switzerland (albeit in a far more disiplined manner than me)at the time enabled a deep and complete understanding of my problem, in addition to this your perseverence in finding the root cause of my shoulder pain has enabled me to continue to impliment the postural advice and enjoy a greater freedom of movement on and off the bike.

I spent over eight hours on the bike in the Lancashire countryside and only stopped once, and that was not because of shoulder pain, your advice regarding race nutrition and pacing paid off as I felt well all through the run, I feel that you provide not only an extremely professional service, but that you are passionate at achieving excellence.

My Ironman “career” started and ended on the same day, thanks again not only for helping me get there, but for caring as well.”


Riccardo Marino – Italian high performance Ironman and Personal Trainer
1. A huge thank you to Rhys, the best physio I met in my life because after three months I finally did interval training with incredible new energy!!!!! 10 x 1000m at 3 minute 40 second pace easy with no pain at all!


2. Hey Rhys, I would like to tell you thank you very much indeed for your help! You did a miracle with my knee and today I did an UltraTrail of 50km achieving the 13th position out of 350 and I ran with a lead group for more the 38 km, I tried to win but than blacked out, cramp muscle and stomach ache, I completed 42 km in 3h11 and finish in 3h51’! All the bestand see you soon.


Nici Cahusac, Age Group GB Triathlete

“I first went to see Rhys about 3 months before my first Triathlon World Age Group Championships. For years on and off I’ve had trouble with my hamstrings and glutes, probably from my running background and lack of discipline to stretch regularly. I wasn’t majorly injured but wanted to clear up the ongoing niggles that would be exacerbated every time I did a track session or a race. Rhys did a really thorough general examination of the whole me on my first visit and quickly identified that he had ‘some work to do!’ Sensibly as the World Champs wasn’t far away he focused on what he felt was the main issue rather than trying to fix all of me and risk injury as I was in full training at that point. Interestingly he identified that it was my rigid rib cage that was most acute and that is where he spent much of his time loosening up which in time also helped my stroppy glutes and therefore niggling hamstring.  Having competed in Ironman himself, it really helps having a physio that fully understands that you have to carry on training while dealing with an injury. I was given some great exercises to do for my glutes and hamstring and given strict instructions to do them daily! For once I actually did them! If you’re training at a high level there are always going to be niggles, so it’s crucial to have a great physio and don’t delay in making an appointment the moment you feel something isn’t right. It’s taken me 20 years of running and injury on and off and 18months of triathlon to realise this!!!
In summary, I went to the World Champs totally injury free, confident that I could perform at my best. Rhys even said he had a physio contact in Auckland (where the world champs were) if I needed to see anyone. Awesome!!!”


Challenge Henley Iron Distance Race Finisher
“13 hours 27 mins and a 4.05 hour relatively pain free run. Thanks for getting me physically and mentally in shape in just two sessions.”

George Farmer – Ironman finisher, Trader, Commodities Hedge Fund

“When I first when to see Rhys, I was wondering whether I would ever be able to walk, let alone race or run, without pain again. Having seen a knee specialist previously and having had an MRI and being told that ‘rest was the cure’, I was both annoyed and sure this wasn’t the solution. At the end of my first session with Rhys, he immediately identified the problem, the cause and the remedy – which wasn’t rest! The remedy consisted of a variety of different treatments including intervention, acupuncture and work for me to do by myself – all of which were useful and I still practice to this day. Rhys also turned around a very problematic late stage injury extremely quickly – setting me up to be as fit as I could be on race day.

Suffice to say that his overall treatment is superb, with an interest in your injury that goes well above and beyond the levels of any other doctor or specialist I have ever come across. He is also hugely amicable, interesting and knowledgeable about sport in general so can often provide good extra tips for those who are looking for guidance. His belief in you is often greater than your belief in yourself.

Without Rhys, I wouldn’t have been able to do Ironman – final time was 11 hrs 14 and 12th in my Age Group. And I’m already signing up for my next one…”


Darren Milne, Age Group 4th Worlds best Olympic distance triathlete Testimonial – from his newsletter

“Starting with the good stuff, the body is working near perfectly again. Rhys Chong (Physical Edge, South Ken) is quite simply the best physio I’ve ever seen. Clear rapid diagnosis and direct feedback given to coach and sports masseuse all on the same day…that is what all physios should be doing! The knee is not
quite 100% but well on the way. The back feels good, so does the shoulder, just got to keep it like that!”

Bruno Guillon, Physical Edge

Switzerland Ironman Finisher,
13h 10min

Kevin Chesham 2013 World
Aquathon Champion and
2nd in World Sprint Triathlon